Hamilton Cab receives Gold CHCH Award!
May 30, 2018

Food Delivery Made Easy with Hamilton Cab

Hamilton Cab Driver Delivering Groceries

Make the list, find the deals, get the groceries, put them away, make the list, find the deals…it’s a never-ending cycle!  With Hamilton Cabgetting groceries and prescriptions delivered just got a whole lot easier! Simply order what you would like from your favourite store or pharmacy, and we will deliver it to you.  Usually get a coffee after? No problem! Place your Tim Horton’s delivery order through their app and we will bring your coffee and donuts by with your online grocery order. Hamilton Cab is proud to offer grocery, fast food, and prescription delivery services across the city! We want to make YOUR life easier, and if that means bringing you your favourite items, then we’ll be there

How Grocery Delivery with Hamilton Cab Works
With COVID-19 protocols in place, you can guarantee a fast and safe delivery of your items every time. When you want something delivered, give us a call and we will pick it up – just be sure to place the order online before giving us a call! With Hamilton Cab, everything that you need – grocery delivery, food delivery, or a ride – will be at your doorstep at the push of a buttonForgot to get extra snacks? We deliver fast food too! Need your prescription but missed the last bus? You guessed it; we will even pick up and deliver your prescriptions to you – With Hamilton Cab, the solutions are endless! Download our app or call us today at (905) 777-7777 to see how easy your next grocery, fast food, or prescription delivery can be! 
With delivery starting at $9*, Hamilton Cab is your new go-to for delivery. If we have multiple deliveries heading to the same location or area, we can drop that $9 fee even lower, sometimes to ONLY $5 – we bet other services you’ve used for delivery don’t do that!  

Hamilton Cab, at the push of a button.
Contacting Hamilton Cab has never been easier! When you download our app, your choices are endless. Load in your contact and payment information and you’re off! You can choose what type of vehicle you need (think van, sedan, pet friendly, wheelchair accessible), select your pickup times, and even see what your estimated fare will be.  

Other benefits of using our app include: 

  • 20% off your fare (along with having the best rate in the CITY!) 
  • Tracking your cab – know exactly when your cab will arrive!
  • Estimated cab fare before booking – never worry about surging or cancellation fees!  
  • Vehicle selection – Choose your ride, including wheelchair accessible or pet friendly! 
  • Scheduled pick up times – NEVER wait for a cab again, pick a time and we’ll be there! 
  • In app payment – pay will Apple Pay or Google Pay, Credit or Debit (or cash!) 
  • Corporate Accounts – use the app for all of your business needs!  

What are you waiting for? Download the app TODAY!  



*Hamilton Cab will lower the cost associated with delivery if more than one delivery is heading in that direction. For example, if we have 5 deliveries going to the same geographical area that you are in, YOU save money! This may not always be the case; however, Hamilton Cab strives to save you money. If we can pass along some savings to our customers, we will!