The Fare of a Lifetime – Arnold Schwarzenegger and His Ride with Hamilton Cab
July 5, 2017

In 2010, an individual robbed Scotia bank in the University Plaza. The individual took Hamilton Cab for a ride and one of our drivers picked him up. The police contacted us and informed our dispatch staff with the description of this robber. We sent a code message to all drivers regarding the incident and our staff soon learned which cab the robber was in. Our customer service representative Lisa called the cab driver on his cell phone and kept him busy by using special code words on unrelated topics. Our computerized GPS dispatch system allows us to find the location of every cab, and our dispatcher Bill was able to use this to monitor the location of the cab and informed police with this information. Our staff did not put the life of our cab driver in danger at any point of this incident and they were able to prevent the robber from discovering what was going on. When the robber tried to get out at his location on Emerald and Main Street, the police arrested him and collected the stolen money.

This event required teamwork from our customer service representative Lisa, dispatcher Bill, the cab driver, and the police. With all of this combined effort, we were able to help keep a criminal off Hamilton’s streets.

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