Employee Recognition – Sar Chaudhary
May 9, 2018
‘We deliver’: On the way to McMaster, little Mujataba was born in his uncle’s cab
May 16, 2018

Employee Recognition – Muhammad Tajamal Rana

Hamilton Cab driver, Muhammad Tajamal Rana, exemplified his honesty and his commitment to our passengers after finding $4,000 after dropping off a passenger at 2 a.m. Muhammad immediately knew what the right thing to do was and called our dispatcher to look up the phone number of the person who lost the money. The MP of Hamilton East – Stoney Creek, Bob Bratina, presented Muhammad with a certificate commending his honesty and character.

It is employees like Muhammad that make Hamilton Cab the honest and hardworking company it is today. We want to thank Muhammed for setting such a strong example for others to follow and for continuing to create an honest community for Hamilton.